Adult and Family Services

The Department of Adult and Family Services (DAFS) employs some 200 clinical activities specialists, educators, human relations officers, integration officers, psychoeducators, rehabilitation assistants, rehabilitation managers, social workers, user attendants and support staff.

The department is made up of three teams; two specialized in residential services:

  1. Intermediate and family-type resources
  2. Resources specialized in challenging behaviours and multiple disabilities

The third team is specialized in work and community integration and support. DAFS employees work in many different locations!

DAFS pamphlets:
Residential integration services at West Montreal Readaptation Centre
Community integration services at West Montreal Readaptation Centre
Offering you a professional work integration service
A practical guide for adapted transportation drivers

Rhoda Root
Director, Adult and Family Services

Contact the DAFS :
8000 Notre-Dame Street
Lachine (Qc) H8R 1H2
514 363-3025, ext. 2601